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Animals Available for Adoption


“We did give her a new name, Dottie! Due to the dots on her nose and the ladybug costume she was wearing when we adopted

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This update is a long tome coming, Manny was in our shelter for 731 and finally found his perfect forever home: “Manny has been home

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“We weren’t sure how our extremely sensitive cat, Penny, would take to a new kitten in the house. It took several weeks but they have

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Pets of the Week

Mary is...

As soon as you enter the Kitty Cottage, she’ll be meowing with her opinion on the activities of the day. If Mary’s up in the rafters, she’ll come down quickly when you call her. She loves attention, especially scratches behind the ears, and is usually more focused on people than toys. She will also settle into your lap if you sit down and give her a moment. Mary would love a relaxed, mellow household where she can get lots of attention from her people. 

Riley is...

This energetic pup is the perfect hiking buddy, always ready for a thrilling outdoor adventure! But it’s not just hiking that Riley craves; she also yearns for loads of love and attention. She is a true people person, and her heart overflows with affection. If you’re an active and loving individual who can offer Riley the exciting escapades she craves, as well as shower her with the attention she deserves, she could be the perfect match for you!