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Adoption Updates


“We did give her a new name, Dottie! Due to the dots on her nose and the ladybug costume she was wearing when we adopted

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This update is a long tome coming, Manny was in our shelter for 731 and finally found his perfect forever home!

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Pheobe is our wild child, climbing on curtains, counters and even tries to join you in shower.

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Pets of the Week

Chica is...

Chica has an unusual trait: Her front feet have extra toes! This is known as polydactyly (you may also hear cats with extra toes called “Hemingway cats) and it doesn’t affect her day-to-day life, but does make her look like she’s wearing mittens. Chica puts those mittens to good use: She’s active and playful while also enjoying snuggle time and laps. She has many years of love to share and is hoping someone will spring her from the shelter soon. 

Mack is...

This fluffy three year old Border Collie mix is ready to jump into your home with lots of love. Mack was rescued from a shelter in Texas and would enjoy some car rides and running along the coast. Border Collies are a very smart breed, and Mack is no exception. He knows basic commands and would improve from some more training when he gets adopted. Mack would do best with a active family and has been friendly with kids and people.