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September two years ago I saw a post on lost and found group someone needing help taking over care for a 3 week old kitten from a farm. I thought about it clearly not for long and offered to take the kitten. Omg what was i thinking sitting in the car. So it began. my husband and and took turns bottle feeding every 3 hours . after his vet checkup he became Silvio. Shortly thereafter he got really sick with an URI. He slept with us and soon he recovered. At around 6 weeks we started weaning him and he got sick again. This time we really were worried considering a medical issue. Within a month again Silvio was sick again and we started to see a specialist. As Silvio grew our local vet finally saw the problem a soft cleft palate. We were devastated Then up to uc Davis and we’re hopeful. But after extensive testing it proved too complex to repair. That was a year ago now and as Silvio is getting older he’s having much less infections. He’s the love of our lives. We cherish each day we have with Silvio

The Mendocino Coast Humane Society (MCHS) is a dedicated nonprofit organization committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for lost and surrendered animals on the Mendocino coast. With a team of compassionate staff and volunteers, MCHS offers animal adoption, stray animal rescue, veterinary care, and community education programs. The organization works tirelessly to ensure the well-being and welfare of animals, while also promoting responsible pet ownership in the community