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Rosie and Blondie


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Rosie & Blondie were originally adopted out together from the Mendocino Coast Humane Society when they were just tiny little pups. From what we’ve been told they remained on the coast, but about a year later they ended up back at MCHS (possibly due to their human losing her housing). In February 2022, our family was looking to adopt one adult pit bull. Then we met these two and saw how bonded they were and knew we had to adopt them both. That was almost a year and a half ago. Watching them play and snuggle brings us so much joy every single day. We are grateful MCHS is part of our community and is always advocating for the cats and dogs in our area. Without them, we would not have our girls.

The Mendocino Coast Humane Society (MCHS) is a dedicated nonprofit organization committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for lost and surrendered animals on the Mendocino coast. With a team of compassionate staff and volunteers, MCHS offers animal adoption, stray animal rescue, veterinary care, and community education programs. The organization works tirelessly to ensure the well-being and welfare of animals, while also promoting responsible pet ownership in the community