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Mr Orange


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Mr. Orange showed up at Mendo Litho with 2 other siblings apx. 15 years ago. With the help of Joyce Baker’s Have a Heart traps, we caught all 3 to spay and neuter. The other 2 went on to find homes elsewhere, but Mr. Orange made Mendo Litho his permanent residence. As you can see, he has many skills including certified forklift operator. We couldn’t ask for a better boss!!

The Mendocino Coast Humane Society (MCHS) is a dedicated nonprofit organization committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for lost and surrendered animals on the Mendocino coast. With a team of compassionate staff and volunteers, MCHS offers animal adoption, stray animal rescue, veterinary care, and community education programs. The organization works tirelessly to ensure the well-being and welfare of animals, while also promoting responsible pet ownership in the community