Volunteer of the Month

Jane Patterson

1. When did you start volunteering at the shelter?

I began volunteering in May of 2021

2. What’s your favorite part of volunteering?

All of it. Play with & holding cats, socializing them, showing them to potential adopters.

3. If you could give one piece of advice about volunteering, what would it be?

Do what gives you joy.

4. Why are you so passionate about the work we do?

I’ve loved cats all my life.

5. Any special stories you'd like to share?

I had no intention of adopting a 3rd cat. I had 2 adult females already, from here 12 years ago. Martin came in as a kitten but stayed in boxes out of sight. I started holding and petting him which he liked. Then when he got older he was moved to the Kitty Kottage. He started staying in the boxes high on the wall, so again was not visible. I took him as a foster for 2 weeks and again he would jump in my lap, cuddle and play. Back at the shelter he again stayed in boxes, this time in the problem cat room. He was finally adopted but returned in 5 days, I was secretly sorry when he was adopted, so the day he was returned, I took him home for good.