Volunteer of the Month


1. When did you start volunteering at the shelter?

I rejoined six years ago.

2. What’s your favorite part of volunteering?

My favorite part is talking to all the critters and walking dogs. Our shelter does a great job but it’s still a shelter and the animals need all the attention and exercise they can get.

3. If you could give one piece of advice about volunteering, what would it be?

If you love animals, the shelter is a great place to volunteer. You can spend time with the critters, donate your time to help with the property maintenance, help with mobile pet adoptions, etc…many different ways to support our shelter!

4. Why are you so passionate about the work we do?

I love going to the shelter. The staff is wonderful, a very hard-working group of individuals who love animals and want the best for them.

5. Any special stories you'd like to share?

My most special moments at the shelter are when an adoption takes place and we get to say goodbye!