Oct 2022 Volunteer of the Month: Sonya!


Sonya is an amazing friend to dogs and humans everywhere! May it be our shelter, her neighborhood, a job site or while vacationing in Mexico, the dogs find her!

She is always ready to give her love and attention to our shelter by walking, socializing and telling everyone who will listen about her beloved shelter dogs! She lives by the motto “There’s nothing to it, the way we do it” and she means it because there is nothing this amazing human cant make happen!!

May it be whipping up a Halloween booth or holiday photo shoot or completing a much needed project, she has us covered! She is thoughtful and always prepared with a Fanny pack full of hot dogs (for the dogs not the humans) and fancy hot meals for the staff! From all of us at MCHS (two legged and four) we welcome you to celebrate this volunteer of the month!

Are you interested in volunteering?