At the Adoption Center

Our volunteers help keep the shelter running with activities such as dog walking, kitten and puppy socialization, dog training, laundry, groundskeeping, administrative activities, spending time with shy or stressed animals, and more. We value everyone who has time and skills to offer.

To apply to become a volunteer, please fill out our volunteer application and liability release form. Once your form is submitted, you can attend a volunteer orientation on the first or third Sunday of the month. Minors will need to be accompanied by an adult. If you have questions or concerns about volunteering, please reach out to us during our business hours, Tuesday-Sunday 12-5pm.


Our volunteers also staff mobile pet adoptions and community events, transport animals to and from partner organizations, and more!

Volunteer Policies

Be kind to staff and each other: The world is easier when we’re kind!

Volunteers are encouraged to ask questions and raise concerns with shelter staff, including those around health and safety, animal welfare, or conflicts with other volunteers.

Volunteers are asked to comply with directions from the shelter Director or staff. Directions may address immediate health and safety concerns or current needs at the shelter, and include all posted signage, such as doors marked “staff only” or notices that a kennel is closed due to a bite quarantine.

Dogs must be leashed at all times when being handled by dog walkers on or off-site. If you are not comfortable with taking a dog out of the kennel on your own, please ask staff for assistance.

If a volunteer experiences an accident or injury, they must report it promptly to shelter staff and fill out an incident report. When an incident involves an animal, the Director may request a meeting to discuss the situation.

Volunteer at The Ark Thrift Store

Our thrift store at the intersection of Highway One and Simpson Lane contains everything you could dream of! Knowledgeable about clothes, records, books, or anything else? Love sorting goods? Able to pick up donations? We’d love to have you!