Saving lives, serving community.



Puppies (under 1 year)From $225
Kittens (under 1 year)$200
Cats (1 to 6 years)$150
Dogs (1 to 6 years)From $150
Senior Cats (7 years and up)$75
Senior Dogs (7 years and up)$75
*All available-for-adoption animals have been spayed or neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. 
Surrender – each pet/litter$40
Rabies Vaccination$25
Unaltered Fort Bragg City License$100
Altered Fort Bragg City License$25
Fort Bragg City License Tag Replacement$5

Fort Bragg Impound

Unaltered – 1st time$75
Unaltered – 2nd time$150
Unaltered – 3rd time$250
Altered – 1st time$50
Altered – 2nd time$75
Altered – 3rd time$100
Rabies Vaccination$25

Found Pet Returned to Owner

Boarding per day$50
Flea Control$20-25


K-9 Spay under 30 lbs$250
K-9 Spay 30 to 60 lbs$300
K-9 Spay over 60 lbs$350
K-9 Neuter under 50 lbs$225
K-9 Neuter 50 to 75 lbs$250
K-9 Neuter over 75 lbs$325
Domestic Feline Spay$150
Domestic Feline Neuter$120
Feral Feline Spay$100
Feral Feline Neuter$65