Dog Licensing

Why Get a Dog License?

A license will help us quickly identify your dog, leading to a quick reunion should they ever become lost.

Do You Live Within the City Limits of Fort Bragg?

We are the licensing authority for the City of Fort Bragg, California. We issue licenses and collect fees. Please contact us for more information.*

*We are working to offer online licensing!

Licensing is handled by the County of Mendocino. More information can be found at:

County of Mendocino Dog Licensing

The City of Fort Bragg requires all dogs over 4 months of age to be licensed.


Unaltered Fort Bragg City License$100
Altered Fort Bragg City License$25
Fort Bragg City License Tag Replacement$5

You may receive a renewal notice from us. You can pay via check or money order. *

To check the status of your license contact us.

*We are working to offer online licensing!