Attention Barking

Dogs are like children, when they want something they can become obnoxious. Children whine and maybe have a screaming tantrum. Dogs bark and maybe have an obnoxious tantrum. It works for children and it works for dogs. We usually respond, thus encouraging them to do it again next time. Dogs bark for your attention, to keep throwing the ball, to get a cookie or to get petted or to get their dinner.

Only One Solution

The only solution is to ignore and to always ignore. Turn your back and look up. This is a strong message that you do not reward barking dogs. For the dog throwing a tantrum; leave the room. Do not come back until it is quiet. Leave again if the barking starts again. This is difficult because we know if we give in and buy the toy, the screaming stops. Do not give in. If you give in, it will be worse next time.

Shelter Dogs

Shelter dogs become an expert at attention barking. The dogs know that visitors are great and maybe they will take them for a walk, give them a dog bone or at least stop and talk to them. The dogs do not bark when the Kennel Attendants enter the kennel area, except when carrying a leash. They always bark for visitors.

Last One or All Done

If you are throwing a ball for your dog or playing some game, warn you dog with, “Last one” or similar command. Give the command before you throw the last ball. Your dog will learn that means; you are done. It prepares them for the end. If your dog asks for one more throw; do not give in. They will learn that you do not play the barking dogs.