This update is a long tome coming, Manny was in our shelter for 731 and finally found his perfect forever home:

“Manny has been home for 4 consecutive weeks and the feeling of adoration seems quite mutual. Manny wakes up in the morning with tap dancing, tail wagging excitement that persists throughout the day, every day. It’s pretty evident that he’s receptive to the love of our eclectic family and has recently discovered that lounging in the kitchen is where it’s at. So far there’s interest in the kitties, but no signs of aggression. Recently, we’re seeing lounging in close proximity and even some mutual snoot sniffs!

Manny wags his tail with such enthusiasm that he slides across our hardwood floors!

We’re currently learning “sit” with success. Oh, and how CUTE does he sit!? He swings his legs out like little kick stands and waits so patiently for his cheese.

Freddie is a wonderful dog bro for Manny and has definitely shown him the ropes. To our surprise, Manny is incredibly agile and is a phenomenal runner! I’ve been taking our 200 pounds of pup between 2-4 consecutive miles every day and every day they happily load up to do it again. We’ve even been recognized out and about! The ride home seems to be as enjoyable as the ride out with enormous smiling and wiggling!

It’s hard to tell Manny’s favorite events. He loves meal time, lounge time, outdoor time, cuddle time, interpretive dance time, improv opera time, hugs, being brushed, and practicing “sit” followed by slices of cheese.

Least favorite seems to be the sham that has all the hallmarks of an adventure, but leads to the tub for a soap and scrub. Ultimate betrayal, but that’s what happens when you find enjoyment from literally rolling in poop, Manny-Man.

His name tags have been attached, he’s outfitted with an orange harness and his own orange beanbag, and no take backs.

We love Manny Mango and Freddie Blue!”