Nic Nic

Nic Nic is one of our younger residents, with lots of energy to burn and an enthusiastic approach to toys. While he can be a little bit shy with new people, he warms up quickly and enjoys attention. (Be warned that he gets distracted easily and isn’t the type to happily curl up in a lap just yet.)

Want to make friends with Nic Nic? Grab yourself a little handful of cat treats and take a seat!

Nic Nic’s foster tells us that he didn’t get along with their cat, and his attitude with other cats in the shelter can be hit and miss. If you have another cat at home, plan on taking it slow to give both of them time to get used to each other. Our staff can help you with some tips and tricks if you’re nervous about integrating a new cat into your home! 

All adult cats over six months are $25 for the month of June!