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It is our job as well as our passion to unite deserving pets with appropriate families. Here is a sampling of some of the wonderful animals yearning for permanent homes with local families. Please visit us at the Adoption Center to meet these sweet animals. We are always pleased to arrange trial adoptions to see if one of these dogs and cats, or any of the many others ready for adoption, would fit into your home.

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Mya might be your next water dog. This 5 year old Mastiff/Lab mix will take you on an adventure walk. Mya has a great personality and would love to have a visit from you!

Mya is a very sweet girl, she has shown us that she is selective with dogs she plays with. She previously lived with cats and will need to be in a home with no small children. Mya is very smart and does great on a loose leash. She can be shy at first, but once she is familiar with you, she strives to receive all of the attention she can get. Mya is patiently waiting to find her forever home!

Molly is a 7 year old, 102 pound German Shepherd. She came to us as an owner surrender. We are hoping to place her in a home who can give her the basic training she needs.



Molly has showed us that she is very energetic and loves to play with her toys. She needs leash training but seems to have good manners. At 102 pounds, she could use more walks and less treats! She is very selective with which dogs she likes. She would do great in a athletic family with older kids! She deserves all of the love and affection in the world!


Cash is a very energetic guy who loves to receive attention. He is currently learning basic obedience and leash training. He can be vocal when meeting new people, but that is just his way of saying hi!

Cash is a shepherd mix born in 2018. He is very social and seems to get along with every dog he meets. His feelings about cats and children are unknown. Cash came to us as an owner surrender because his owner could no longer keep him. When he got brought into the shelter, he had a very severe skin allergy that cleared up with flea treatment and special diet. We hope to find Cash a home that will fulfill his energetic needs and give him the attention and love that he deserves.

Tessa can be shy at first, but once she warms up, she will show her love and affection with a huge smile. Tessa is a very sweet girl with a lot of personality.


Tessa is a Pitbull mix that was born in 2018. She was brought to MCHS as a stray, so we are unaware of her past life experiences. Since Tessa was brought in, we have learned some things about her. She would do best in a home with no cats, but other dogs should be OK with proper introduction. Tessa is pretty energetic and will need daily exercise. She responds very well to correction, which has made it easier to train her. Tessa is ready to find her forever home that will spoil her like she deserves.

Our mission: To contribute to a better life for animals and to inspire public awareness of animals' needs.

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Flip is a Border collie mix. He is unsure on how to be a dog. Flip needs to learn that the world is a safe place. He'd benefit from another dog to show him the ropes. Once Flip trusts someone, he is all jumping jacks, wagging, and smiles. He is seeking a devoted human to help him feel safe and secure

Flip came to MCHS because he was running loose on Mitchell Creek and it took six days to catch him. When he came in, all he wanted to do was hide. It took a couple days before Flip realized that we were trying to help him and that he had nothing to be scared of. It takes him a bit to get used to new people. Once he is comfortable, all he wants is to be loved on! Flip has been put in playgroups with up to 12 dogs and behaved really well. He seems to be OK with cats but proper introduction is an absolute must! Flip would do best in a home where his energetic needs can be fulfilled!

Flip is currently at a training facility, if you want to arrange a meet and greet with Flip, please call the shelter!

Mel has always been a people dog and we love taking photos of her because her face is so expressive. Mel will do great in a family with older children, but just remember she is a strong girl who needs someone to keep up on her manners. She has had a DNA test that came back with: American Staffordshire Terrier, Bulldog and Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.



Don't let a girl named Mel give you the wrong idea. Mel is the most beautiful girl you will ever see. With her adoring and engaging eyes and infectious smile, she makes it clear that you are the center of her world. At first, she can't restrain her enthusiasm and has to jump for joy when you arrive. After getting to know you, she will sit and wait for you to give her a treat and leash her for a walk. She loves to go for walks, chase balls and swim. She is easy with most other dogs, but would love to chase a cat. Your wish is her command, as she desires so much to please. In exchange for your love and attention, she will give you her devotion and prove it with her look and smile. " --JS


Bear's philosophy: Why waste money on toys when there are STICKS? Bear is 5 years young and is happiest when he stretches his Pointer mix legs and uses up some of his boisterous energy. Twigs, limbs and branches have met their match!



Just throw a stick and watch Bear go! Bear needs to learn some manners regarding how to show his enthusiasm. But he is a hoot to watch and the volunteers that work with him love him dearly.

From the beginning, Bear has been, well, a Bear. If he was smaller, his exuberant antics would be cute. But at 80+ lbs, Bear is a real handful of canine energy. As a volunteer, I took him on because it is clear he needs exercise and attention and I have learned to love him dearly. He tries so hard to be a good boy. And the thing he has with sticks is so funny. When Bear feels happy, he expresses it by grabbing the nearest stick and wrestling around with it. He's also a great swimmer and will chase a stick far out into a pond.

For dogs with very high energy, like Bear, the kennel is a stressful environment. The noises, smells and confinement cause him anxiety which Bear exhibits by "spinning" in his kennel and jumping on people. He intimidates other dogs because he will run right up to them and want to play. But if the other dog lets him know he's too rough, Bear will retreat.

When he is in a class environment, Bear shines. He knows sit, down and heel. He loves the discipline and attention. When Bear is on a walk, he is easy to handle once away from the shelter grounds and if he gets too excited, a cookie helps him to find his focus again. Bear needs consistent daily training and someone to keep him up on his manners. He needs a active home and due to his high energy might do best in a only dog household with older respectful kids.

Geo is the most cuddly and affectionate 6 year old around. She flops on her back for belly rubs and loves playing in puddles. Geo does great with the younger dogs and can relax and enjoy the flowers with the older ones too here at the Adoption Center. She will not tolerate a cat though.


Geo will need a strong handler who will need to stay up on her manners and basic obedience once home. New surroundings and new smells might intensify her high prey drive. She might do best in a quiet home as the only animal. She does have an allergic skin disease that requires prescription flea control and possibly a hypoallergenic diet. Don't let this stop you from giving this sweet older girl a second chance.

Contributors to this page:
SB = Susan Burke
MD = Michelle Deering
JS = Jim Swallow
PT = Peggy Templer

Please note that this page is updated once a week, and pets shown here may have been recently adopted. Please visit us at the Adoption Center for up-to-the-minute access to available pets.

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Tank is in the Buddy Program: In-house obedience Training where he is learning sit, down, and loose leash walking. He is easy to train and in one walk learned turn around. Very treat orientated.



Tank loves to play catch: he will go and go and go and tire himself out with chuck-it throws. However, you need two balls because he will not release one unless there is another to chase. And leave time to wrangle the balls from him with a treat when it's time to go because he won't release it without another option, and will try very hard to snatch the ball back up in his mouth. Tank doesn't show well in his kennel, but he's lovable as soon as he gets to know you. He is selective with dogs, likes some but not others.

Tatum is friendly, full of energy, and loves playing with other dogs. This Lab/Mastiff mix does need some Basic Obedience Training; He gets so excited and will jump up on you to say Hi.




Copper is an older charming mixed breed with a heart of gold. He will do great in a family who understands his needs or with a single person to spoil him for the rest of his years. He might be best as an only dog as he loves his people and does not want to share them.

Copper loves people attention, but at 7 years old he can be choosy with his dog friends. He is a sweet boy who is also house trained. He enjoys playing with his rope toys and teddy bear.

Iris is very friendly and would love someone to call her own. She is a dominant female and will need a strong handler to keep up on her manners. Iris asks for daily exercise to let out all of her energy and a secure fence yard. She knows sit, but can use some loose leash training. No livestock please. We are still getting to know Iris and will have more observations to come.


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