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It is our job as well as our passion to unite deserving pets with appropriate families. Here is a sampling of some of the wonderful animals yearning for permanent homes with local families. Please visit us at the Adoption Center to meet these sweet animals. We are always pleased to arrange trial adoptions to see if one of these dogs and cats, or any of the many others ready for adoption, would fit into your home.

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Catherine is definitely strong willed and independent. That's just who is she. Outside in the kitty cottage she wasn't getting along with the other cats and was moved inside, a quiet and small space with 2 younger cats. One of them being Oscar(featured in picture), which she is now playing and laying with. She does take sometime to trust new people and new surroundings. She just asks for a little time to get to know you.

Whitey is a very handsome 10 year old Siamese mix who loves humans and is trying is best to get along with everyone in the kitty cottage. His feline He will sit quietly on your lap or beside you to soak up all of the love you can give him. Whitey will do best as an inside only kitty due to his arthritis and senior age. He will probably also like no other dominant male cats.



Max is a 12 year old with a lot of personality and a very good attitude. He really appreciates human attention and is a real charmer. He is laid back and has a relaxed demeanor. He is OK with children and other non-aggressive cats with proper introductions.

Max came to us as a stray and had diabetes. He is currently doing well with dietary control, on weight management and does not need insulin injections. It is possible he will relapse and require additional medical care in the future.

Kohl is a lovable and handsome all black male. He is outgoing, active and human oriented. An all around great guy. He may be shy at first, but he is a total lover. Kohl will bring fun and frolic to almost any household lucky enough to adopt him.


Kohl might want some outdoors time during the day and brought back in at night. He has lived with children and an older dog. He tends to be on the dominant side, so would do best in a home without another dominant cat.

Our mission: To contribute to a better life for animals and to inspire public awareness of animals' needs.

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Bibo is a handsome and robust Tuxedo. He enjoys being petted, brushed and played with. He would prefer for you to pet him from the side. He gets frightened in new situations, so will need some time for adjustment in his new home.

Bibo is OK with other non-aggressive cats and not sure about dogs. He was brought to us as a stray and recommend indoor only because of his timidness.

Nala is an outgoing, friendly and feisty 5 year old. She is confident and very expressive vocally. If she doesn't like something, she will let you know. She has high energy and will need a lot of activity and attention. She is OK with older children that will understand her needs.



Nala has showed us how smart she really is. She will have you follow her into our introductory room away from the other cats and will climb onto your chest for some rubs and alone time. She loves being in the outside Kitty Cottage, but not so much in love with her kitty roommates.


Samantha is a senior kitty that really appreciates attention and immediately lets you know it by coming to sit on your lap. This 10 year old is superbly happy to see you. Samantha has a laid back and relaxed demeanor and would do fine in a home with other non-aggressive cats. She has severe allergies so needs to be an indoor only kitty.

I love to see our volunteers showing off the animals. One day I spotted a volunteer laying on the couch, feet up and everything with Samantha curled up on his chest for some one on one time. She is waiting and ready for her next adventure.

Olive is a playful girl and loves attention. Her favorite toy is a rainbow mouse. Olive likes her cheeks rubbed. She is friendly and active once she feels settled in her new surroundings. She will need extra socialization to adjust to her new home and we recommend her as an indoor only cat due to her shyness.


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Please note that this page is updated once a week, and pets shown here may have been recently adopted. Please visit us at the Adoption Center for up-to-the-minute access to available pets.

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Chloe is a 7 year old Tortie with gorgeous big gold eyes. She is quiet shy and would probably do best in an only kitty home. She loves human attention and needs a human to call her own. Chloe really appreciates a scratch on the ears and a good lap to lay on. She is independent and might enjoy some outdoor time as well. See did come to us as a stray.

Oscar is still a youngster with a very outgoing personality. He may be shy at first but warms up quickly and will be your best friend. He enjoys attention, being held and is active and playful. He likes spending his time with other cats when he can't be next to you.


Oscar is a friendly kitty and managed to have the older female cat who doesn't always like other cats play with him. He is very convincing. Oscar has previously lived with older children and a small dog.

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