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It is our job as well as our passion to unite deserving pets with appropriate families. Here is a sampling of some of the wonderful animals yearning for permanent homes with local families. Please visit us at the Adoption Center to meet these sweet animals. We are always pleased to arrange trial adoptions to see if one of these dogs and cats, or any of the many others ready for adoption, would fit into your home.

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It is hard to believe that Janie is 18 years old - she looks and acts much younger. She is very sweet and happiest with a warm bed and a sunny window. She has lived in a quiet, cat only, and indoor environment and will prefer this kind of home.



She was well cared for and loved in her previous home and certainly has a healthy and positive attitude toward life. She needs to be on a hypoallergenic diet.

Giuseppe is a black and white long haired guy who looks like he has low mileage although he was born in June 2003. He is extremely affectionate once he gets to know you and will enjoy some lap time.


Giuseppe would prefer a home with no dogs and older respectful children that will spend some quiet time with him. He is very shy of strangers and hides when frightened although it doesn't take much to win him over. Giuseppe is sweet and calm and ready to meet his new family.


Pat at an estimated 10 years old is laid-back, calm, independent, and undemanding gentleman whose favorite thing is a quiet lap and sofa time - sitting next to you soaking up attention.



Pat would enjoy some outdoors time, but is probably more apt to want to spend his time indoors. He's okay with older respectful children, but cannot tolerate small fast moving children and dogs. He needs a quiet home and gets along with other cats well after careful introductions. Pat's ongoing weight problem requires him to be on a portion controlled canned food diet to lose additional weight, then a carefully monitored diet so he can maintain a healthy lower weight. Pat came to MCHS as a stray.

Bedillia is an 8 year old with an independent, active and playful personality. She enjoys attention, likes being held, and is outgoing and friendly. Bedillia is a talker when feeding time comes around.


Bedillia (bedi)

Bedillia would probably do best in an only kitty home, but other non-aggressive cats are OK with careful introductions. She does live peacefully with the other cats in our Kitty Cottage. Sometimes she gets a little too stimulated and will give you a playful nip. Bedillia would probably manage older children and would maybe even like to go outside during the day and soak up the sun. Bedillia has a medical condition called feline idiopathic cystitis which require her to be exclusively on a high quality canned food diet. Dogs? With proper introductions.

Our mission: To contribute to a better life for animals and to inspire public awareness of animals' needs.

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Jas is a total indoor-only lap kitty who needs a quiet home with lots of quiet human interaction. She is laid-back, relaxed, loving, and affectionate.

Jas is okay with other non-aggressive cats after careful introduction. Older children OK, but not small fast moving children. She can be a little shy and might need sometime to get used to her new surroundings. Jas came to MCHS as a stray and estimated to be about 10 years old.

Nala is an outgoing, friendly and feisty 4 year old. She is confident and very expressive vocally. If she doesn't like something, she will let you know. She has high energy and will need a lot of activity and attention. She is OK with older children.



Nala has showed us how smart she really is. She will have you follow her into our introductory room away from the other cats and will climb onto your chest for some rubs and alone time. She loves being in the outside Kitty Cottage, but not so much in love with her kitty roommates.


Samantha is a senior kitty that really appreciates attention and immediately lets you know it by coming to sit on your lap. This 10 year old is superbly happy to see you.

Samantha has a laid back and relaxed demeanor and would do fine in a home with other non-aggressive cats. She has severe allergies so needs to be an indoor only kitty.

Gidget has a very sweet personality. She is friendly and affectionate. Gidget does ask to give her sometime to get to know you though and once she does she will follow you around for some attention.



Gidget is an active and independent 6 year old. She is getting along with the other cats in the kitty cottage, but please No Dogs.

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Please note that this page is updated once a week, and pets shown here may have been recently adopted. Please visit us at the Adoption Center for up-to-the-minute access to available pets.

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Alice has a calm and laid back demeanor and would do best in a quiet home. She is a bit shy at first, but warms up quickly and is eager for human attention. If you are looking for a friendly and affectionate lap kitty she is your gal. We recommend her to be an indoor only kitty and no dogs due to her shyness.

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