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At the Adoption Center, we're always focused on the dogs waiting for their adoptive families to find them ... but for all of us, the best pay-off is when a special animal, like these, gets adopted. Here are a few of our Success Stories.

[ Contributors to this page: SS=Sabine Swallow, CT=Chuck Tourtillott, MP=Michael Potts ]

Our mission: To contribute to a better life for animals and to inspire public awareness of animals' needs.

Bella was brought to us in December, 2015 by a Good Samaritan who found her abandoned on the beach.


As we got to know Bella's happy and energetic personality, we were confident that she would be the perfect match for that special person who we knew was bound to come along.

Since Bella is older dog, she was usually overlooked by potential adopters. so we were delighted when Bella was adopted in March.

In February, Bella took Chuck and Sherry to the After School Enrichment Program at the Community Center in Mendocino. While students were very eager to talk about their pets, learn about the Mendocino Coast Humane Society, and how to be safe and responsible with our animal friends, the highlight for these children was getting to cuddle with sweet Bella.

We were delighted when Bella was adopted in March, 2016. --CT



Whitey is a very handsome 10 year old Siamese mix who loves humans and is trying is best to get along with everyone in the kitty cottage. He will sit quietly on your lap or beside you to soak up all of the love you can give him. Whitey will do best as an inside only kitty due to his arthritis and senior age. He will probably also like no other dominant male cats.


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Meet affectionate Hazel who loves to give gentle hugs and kisses. She is great for a family with older children to grow up with and to show how smart she is. She knows sit, down and is learning loose leash walking. She has responded to correction well and is treat orientated.


Hazel likes playing with other dogs and will need daily exercise. We have discovered she loves to roll around in sand, not water so much. She was housebroken and likes riding in the car.



Atlas loves to explore everything the world has to offer. He enjoys long walks and playing with other dogs. He would be great for a family with older children. Atlas will need obedience training and is currently learning loose leash walking. This happy young rascal of mixed heritage is ready to fill your home with love and hep map some new trails.


Max is a 12 year old with a lot of personality and a very good attitude. He really appreciates human attention and is a real charmer. He is laid back and has a relaxed demeanor. He is OK with children and other non-aggressive cats with proper introductions.


Max came to us as a stray and had diabetes. He is currently doing well with dietary control, on weight management and does not need insulin injections. It is possible he will relapse and require additional medical care in the future.



Toby is an easy going old guy who is willing to be your buddy for life. He loves his chewies and will carry them around to show you his toy. He is great on a loose leash and knows "sit". Toby and his buddy Cj came to us as an owner surrender because they could no longer care for them.

Dapper Toby is a 7 year old American Bulldog who's never met a stranger he wouldn't share his tea and crumpets with. He has the droopy eyes and endearing personality of his gentle breed. Toby would love a home with his best pal, Cj. Together, they're both low maintenance and just purely adorable.


Bianca is new to us and has quite the personality. Sweet girl and easy to handle. She does respond to treat training well and will need a consistent hand. Will do great in a family with kids. Bianca is not really interested in toys, more interested in her people and playing and meeting every dog that she can.




Bunny is a approx. 8 month old malinois mix. She is very energetic and would love to be in a home with an active family. A house with older children is a must.

Bunny will jump for joy when she meets you. She has the brightest eyes and best personality. She would love to go on daily jogs or long hikes! She could use basic obedience training, She came to us as a stray! She wants her forever home!!


Grey kitty is independent but loves attention. He is a very confident cat and very expressive vocally. Being a geriatric cat, he will need regular visits to the vet to insure his long-term health.

grey kitty

Grey kitty is a special guy who needs a loving retirement home. Sadly, he was left behind after his owner was taken to a long- term care facility. He is 14 years old with lots of personality. Grey kitty also has a low grade (1-2) intermittent heart murmur. He has been through a lot and needs a quiet, loving, and stable home for his senior years.



Shadow is a 5 year old short hair manx. He prefers a quiet environment with lots of human attention. He is quite shy at first, but comes out of his shell when he gets to know you. He gets along well in the kitty cottage with other adult cats. He just needs a family of his own in order to blossom.

Shadow is very affectionate and enjoys all of the attention he can get. A quiet home would be best for him. He needs to be on regular flea control as he came to MCHS with a skin condition that responded to antibiotics. He gets along great with other non-aggressive cats. He was surrendered to MCHS because his owner was moving and could not take him.


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