Nipsey’s Road to Recovery

On Monday night, our vet clinic got the kind of call we hate to hear: The police department was coming in with a severely-injured dog who had been dragged by a vehicle. When Nipsey arrived, we saw that his injuries were horrific.

Nipsey’s homeless owner, accompanied by her children, had been walking him on a leash through a crosswalk when a driver carelessly sped through, yanking him from the safety of his family. Nearly all of his paw pads were ripped off, along with his claws, and the wounds across his body were so deep that in some places, our vet staff could see tendons. Being dragged by a car is hard to survive for a little guy like this one, but somehow, he made it through.

The driver didn’t even stop.

Our team set to work, sedating him, cleaning his injuries, and bandaging them. Over the next month, Nipsey will need daily sedated dressing changes while we treat him with medical-grade manuka honey (it inhibits bacterial growth!), antibiotics, and pain medications to keep him comfortable. In the long term, he will likely need physical therapy. The vet staff are monitoring him closely to determine if he needs surgery, including possible amputations.

We’re asking you for two things:

One: Please support Nipsey’s fundraising campaign: His care is expensive, and our clinic already operates at a loss for the shelter because we’re committed to providing veterinary care to as many people as possible on the coast, in addition to our own animals. Helping us with Nipsey’s costs will allow our vet staff to focus on lifesaving care, rather than stressing out about. Please encourage your friends to join in, and sign up to join our donor community for updates!

Two: If you saw a white sedan headed East on Oak Street around one pm on Monday or know anything about this case, please contact the Fort Bragg Police Department at: 707-961-2800.