Nipsey is Thriving, Thanks to You!

When Nipsey arrived at the shelter with serious wounds after being dragged by a car, we reached out to the public to ask for help with the costs of his care, and you delivered! Within 24 hours, animal lovers had donated more than $5,000.

We’re pleased to share an update from Nipsey’s foster family:

We had the best time this weekend offering Nipsey all the love and cuddles. Nipsey is quite the character – full of sass, snuggles, and snores. He’s mentally recovering quickly and you can tell he’s a bit annoyed his body needs more time to catch up. We provided plenty of treats, pets, and even energy healing sessions to help him adjust. While the healing process will continue for many months, his spark is back and he is ready to cause trouble. He loves to be right next to humans, monitoring all their activities and demanding attention when feeling ignored. It was a treat to have him this weekend and we know he’s in great hands with his permanent foster.

We will keep you updated on his progress!