Make Bentley America’s Favorite Pet 2024 and Help Us Win $10,000!

Between being adopted and then returned, handsome Bentley has spent 3/4 of his six years of life at our shelter, waiting patiently for his forever human. Now, he finally gets his chance to make a splash: He’s in the running for America’s Favorite Pet, and he just made it through the first round of votes at number one. We need your help keeping him there!

If Bentley wins, he gets bragging rights and a spread in Modern Dog, and we win $10,000 to serve more dogs like Bentley who need a safe place with loving staff and supportive volunteers while they wait for their forever homes.

Vote here for Bentley (you get a free vote every day!) and if you really want to make his day…why not apply to adopt him?

More About Bentley

This first thing you’ll notice about Bentley is his beautiful chocolate coloring and those expressive button eyebrows! You can always tell what Bentley is thinking, and it’s usually about toys. Bentley loves a good session of tug-o-war and he rarely lets you win. He is also a big fan of water; whether it’s a kiddie pool or a lake, Bentley will be the first one in and last one out! When he’s not playing, Bentley loves to curl up in his igloo for a snooze- he hibernates like a bear in a cave! He also enjoys walks, back scratches, and knows basic commands

Bentley does okay with other dogs, but his play-style could be considered rude to some (he’s a wrestler) so not every dog likes to play with him. Bentley can be nervous around strangers, but once he gets a proper introduction (preferably with yummy treats) he is such a goofball! As far as kids, Bentley prefers to party with the older crowd. He’s not a huge fan of the loud noises and sudden movements/grabbing that sometimes comes with younger children. With a confident owner, Bentley would be able to feel more secure in his surroundings and become the best version of himself- a loving and loyal companion!