“Crappy Ex” Fundraiser Brings in $335!

Friends and fans of the shelter obviously had some ex issues to work out; our Kitty Cottage residents are currently celebrating Valentine’s Day by getting busy in our litter boxes with some special Valentines for “Joe, the Mama’s Boy,” Vance, Blake, Heidi, Paula, Dawn, Barry, Jenny, Ryan, Gary, Mike, Lukas, Heather, Donnie, Alexis, Marshall, Mary, Cori, Donald, Robert, Jasmin, Leticia, Rebecca, Greg, Eddie, Erica, Dave, Spencer, and one anonymous ex-friend! Stay tuned to our Instagram for the highlight reel.

If you missed your chance, don’t worry: We’re happy to accept requests for nemeses year-round.

And if you’re looking for love, why not check out our adoptable animals?

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