Welcome to our auction area. From time to time, we auction items to raise the funds we need to keep our doors open. The items below were donated by our friends in the community. Check back often!

Navarro Vineyards

Navarro Vineyards is a small, family owned winery that has been growing grapes and making award winning wines in the Anderson valley since 1974.

Navarro Vineyards Online Wine Shop

The following items were donated by Navarro Vineyards:

Pennyroyal Farm

Pennyroyal farm was created in 2006 when the Navarro family decided to grow grapes and make farmstead goat and sheep cheese on their family farm located in Boonville, a few miles from Navarro vineyards.

Pennyroyal Farm Online Wine/Cheese Shop

The following items were donated by Pennyroyal Farm:

1) Enter your maximum bid on the item page and press the “Place Bid” button.

If your bid is higher than the current highest bid, you will be the current leader. Your current bid will be $1 above the previous current bid.

If your bid is less than or equal to the current highest bid, the bid will be increased to match or exceed your bid.


  1. John is the leader with a current price of $49 and a max bid of $52.
  2. Jesse bids $51
  3. John remains leader and the current price increases to $52.
  4. Jesse bids $72.
  5. Jesse becomes leader and current price increases to $53.

Check the item description for details about shipping. Some items will need to be picked up, while other will be able to be shipped world-wide. Additional shipping and handling charges may apply.

At the end of each auction, the winner’s credit/debit card will be charged.