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Xander available for adoption at MCHS

Shepherd, Anatolian/Hound, Afghan


54.1 lbs

2 years, 8 months

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Xander’s unique look isn’t the only cool thing about him- he is also an international traveler! This Afghan hound x Anatolian shepherd mix has traveled all the way from Afghanistan to find someone special. Born in 2019, Xander spent the majority of his life in Afghanistan, so not much is known about his past. Last year he caught the eye of a U.S. soldier who knew just how great he was, and the soldier made arrangements to bring Xander to California to get him adopted. Xander loves to run and play, and he especially loves toys. He may not be super confident yet, but he warms up quickly (especially with treats), and becomes so loving and affectionate. His soft, fluffy fur makes him the perfect snuggler too. Xander is great with dogs of all sizes, but prefers ones that aren’t too pushy. The one area that needs improvement is his leash walking skills. Xander didn’t spend much time on a leash in his previous life, so he is not a big fan of being on a leash, and would need consistent and patient practice learning how to walk properly. Overall, Xander would thrive in a home with lots of outdoor space to run around, and maybe another dog or some kids to keep him company. Give him time to show you what a special dog he is!

Animal Id: 6156

Cleared by Vet Clare

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