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Rudy available for adoption at MCHS

Shepherd, German/Pinscher, Doberman


64.0 lbs

1 years, 4 months

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For those of you who have not met Rudy, he is a beautiful, loving, and full-of-life dog who is looking for a new home, whether foster or forever!

His pawsitive attributes:

– Very loving, sweet, calm & happy on your lap (if well-exercised)
– Great at fetching & returning his favorite ball. This is his FAVORITE activity and it is great for wearing out his puppy energy.
– Gets along with other dogs. Loves going to the local dog park and playing with everyone. Submissive and trustworthy with dogs.
– Great in the car, very relaxed
– Non-reactive to birds, cats, or squirrels while walking
– Sits on command and stays before crossing the street
– Very trainable

What he is currently working on:

– Being comfortable in public settings: Rudy has been on multiple mobile adoption events and outings. At first, he is nervous and apprehensive, especially of strangers, and will tuck his tail and pull away. However, after some positive reinforcement and time, he has become more and more comfortable and is continuing to improve with every outing.

– Crate training: Rudy eats all meals in a closed crate to foster positive reinforcement. He sits and stays before going inside. Crate training will be a real asset for Rudy.

– Leash manners: very good on leash and doesn’t pull when on a familiar route, but gets nervous and hyper-aware when walking somewhere unfamiliar. Just needs more exposure to different environments at a safe pace for him.

– Gets nervous/skittish around small children. We would recommend Rudy for a home with older children (around 9 and up).

Overall, Rudy would be great for someone with an active lifestyle who wants a companion on all their adventures and is willing to continue to train and socialize him. He just turned 1 year old so he still has puppy energy, is very perceptive, able to learn, and eager to please his person. Rudy is a loving dog and just needs an extra push to get him to be the best version of himself.

Animal Id: 4391

Cleared by Vet Clare

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