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Meet Reggie, a dog who has nothing but love to give, even after surviving a horrible past. This poor soul lived the majority of his life outside a home with many other dogs and not enough food. Because these dogs were not fed properly, competition ensued throughout the pack. Unfortunately for Reggie, he was low on the totem pole and became the victim of attacks from the other dogs. Reggie was attacked multiple times by multiple dogs. After one particularly nasty battle, Reggie was left on the concrete, bruised and bleeding, to die. He was found several days later emaciated, infected, and hours from death. Reggie was quickly rushed off to Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic, where Dr. Holmes and Dr. Cannon saved his life. He spent quite a bit of time at the vet hospital while being treated and rehabilitated, and the staff instantly fell in love with him and his positive spirit, despite his dire circumstances.

Reggie’s long journey of recovery has ended him at our shelter, waiting for a brighter future with his new forever home. Reggie is four years old and 70 pounds of pure joy. He loves playing with toys, and his favorite toys happen to be metal bowls! He will chase his bowls around the play yard for hours if you let him. It is so fun to watch how happy he is. Reggie loves people, and you can tell he is always excited to meet new people because his whole body starts to wiggle. He makes friends instantly, and loves to lean his whole body against you for some back scratches. Reggie is strong and will need someone who can handle his size, but he walks well on leash and will do anything for a treat. He is an active dog who needs daily exercise, but once he has, he is the perfect couch potato and a great cuddler. He is also great in the car and loves to go for rides. Because of his past, it is understandable that Reggie does not get along with other dogs, and will need to go to a single pet household, but man is he worth it. This ray of sunshine will return your love ten-fold. Give him a chance and he will be the most loyal and loving companion.

Cleared by Vet Clare

All animals receive medical care from our vet, Dr Clare Bartholomew. Animals are spay or neutered as necessary, in order to help reduce pet over population. This a full exam, vaccinations, flea and tick control and a microchip.

Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years and are now considered to be man’s best friend. However, the origins of domesticated dogs are not entirely clear and there are several theories about how they came to be domesticated.

One theory is that dogs were originally domesticated by early humans for their hunting abilities. Wolves, which are the ancestors of modern dogs, were likely attracted to the camps of early humans because of the abundance of food. As the wolves became more accustomed to human presence, they may have been domesticated and trained to assist in hunting.

Another theory is that dogs were domesticated for their ability to protect early human settlements. Wolves are naturally territorial animals and may have been tamed by early humans to serve as guard dogs for their camps and homes.

There is also evidence to suggest that dogs were domesticated for their companionship. Early humans may have formed close bonds with wolves, eventually leading to the domestication of the animals.

Regardless of the exact reason for their domestication, it is clear that dogs have played a crucial role in human society for thousands of years. They have been used for a variety of purposes, including hunting, protection, and companionship. Today, dogs are kept as pets in nearly every corner of the world and are beloved by people of all ages.

In conclusion, the origins of domesticated dogs are not entirely clear, but it is likely that they were domesticated for their hunting abilities, protective nature, and companionship. Today, dogs continue to play a vital role in human society and are an important part of many people’s lives.

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Most of our dogs receive Diamond Naturals Dog Food (dry) and Blue Buffalo (wet).

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