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Pumpkin available for adoption at MCHS

Mixed Breed (Medium)


51.4 lbs

2 years, 8 months

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Pumpkin is a show-stopper with her bright orange spots and clear green eyes! This medium mixed breed, born in 2021, is 50 lbs of pure fun. Pumpkin is a total “people person.” She would love to be right by your side, taking part in all the fun adventures life has to offer. Pumpkin is an active, smart girl who would benefit from regular training and mental enrichment. She is food motivated and has already learned new tricks while at our shelter.

Pumpkin came to MCHS as a stray, so we don’t have any knowledge of her previous life. However, we believe she did not have good experiences with other dogs, as poor Pumpkin shows fear-based reactivity. Pumpkin gets along with friendly, easy-going dogs, and has a dog friend, Remi, at our shelter. She would need a proper introduction to any potential housemates. We promise though, she is worth it! Pumpkin is a volunteer favorite because she loves walks and does very well on a leash. She is also one of our few dogs who actually brings the ball back after retrieving it! Pumpkin wants nothing more than to curl up next to her person at the end of a fun-filled day. Give her a confident role model and she will be the best companion.

Cleared by Vet Clare

All animals receive medical care from our vet, Dr Clare Bartholomew. Animals are spay or neutered as necessary, in order to help reduce pet over population. This a full exam, vaccinations, flea and tick control and a microchip.

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Most of our dogs receive Diamond Naturals Dog Food (dry) and Blue Buffalo (wet).

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