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Nancy available for adoption at MCHS

Shepherd/Husky, Siberian


60.0 lbs

6 years, 8 months

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The first thing you’ll notice about Nancy is her big bushy tail… Just kidding, let’s address the real elephant in the room: Nancy’s face isn’t what you normally see in dogs. Sadly, Nancy was hit by a car as a puppy which left her skull a little misshapen. But Nancy doesn’t worry about it, so why should we?? Other than her unique features, Nancy is just as great (maybe even greater) than your average dog. She is happy, energetic, and loves attention. Whether it’s walks, car rides, or just hanging out, Nancy is cool as long as she’s with you. She has been out on multiple Borrow A Buddy dates and we’ve heard nothing but good things. She walks well on leash and knows basic commands. Nancy was surrendered to us because she was not getting along with the neighbor’s dog. However, she plays well with every dog we put her with. We believe with the right introductions, Nancy would be happy playing with most dogs. We don’t know how she does with cats, but we know she loves people and children of all ages. Nancy would make a great family dog for someone with an active lifestyle and tons of love to give! We promise you’ll get a goofy, loving, and loyal dog in return.

Animal Id: 4001

Cleared by Vet Clare

All animals receive medical care from our vet, Dr Clare Bartholomew. Animals are spay or neutered as necessary, in order to help reduce pet over population. This a full exam, vaccinations, flea and tick control and a microchip.

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Most of our dogs receive Diamond Naturals Dog Food (dry) and Blue Buffalo (wet).

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