Mikey available for adoption at MCHS

Labrador Retriever Dutch Shepherd


66.8 lbs

1 years, 9 months and 3 weeks

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Born in 2018, Mikey came to us from an effort to help free space at Lake County Animal Care. Mikey may not show well in the kennel but once staff gets him out for you and you are able to spend a bit of time with him he warms up and shows it happy and goofy personality. Mikey is high energy and doesn’t seem to have had much training, though what he does know he responds quickly to and has a fairly high food drive so training him should be a breeze. He also enjoys playing tug and chasing balls. Mikey has a very rough and tumble play style that many other dogs do not enjoy, so finding a playmate for him has proven difficult. We highly recommend doing a meet and greet with your dog before taking Mikey home. We do not recommend Mikey for a home with cats as he gets very fixated on chasing them.

Animal Id: 14138

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