Major available for adoption at MCHS

German Shepherd


73.9 lbs

1 years, 7 months and 4 weeks

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If you are looking for a model to star in all your future Instagram posts, look no further! From his giant pointy ears to his long bushy tail, Major is a super photogenic dog who loves posing for the camera! Major came to us from Oakland Animal Services when their shelter was reaching capacity and we had room to take in dogs. While his previous life is a mystery to us, we know that Major has a bright future ahead. He is intelligent, food motivated, knows basic commands, and is eager to please his handler. His favorite activity is whatever you’re doing! From mountain trails to beaches, Major is the perfect sidekick for any adventure. One of the best things about Major is his ambition to be a big lap dog. Major doesn’t seem to know what personal space is and takes his cuddling seriously! He loves to nudge your hand to remind you that you are not done petting him. When it comes to other dogs, Major does best with slow introductions. He likes to get to know dogs before becoming their best friend, but once he’s warmed up he can be very playful! Major would thrive with an owner who can give him extra attention, enrichment, and socialization. If you want a smart, loyal, and affectionate dog, Major is for you!

Animal Id: 14576

Cleared by Vet Clare

All animals receive medical care from our vet, Dr Clare Bartholomew. Animals are spay or neutered as necessary, in order to help reduce pet over population. This a full exam, vaccinations, flea and tick control and a microchip.

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