Lil Girl available for adoption at MCHS

American Staffy


83 lbs

4 years, 4 months and 3 weeks

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Lil Girl came to us through a collaborative effort with the Napa County Animal Shelter. Born in 2016, Lil Girl is a very sweet and playful dog who could use more activity in her life to help shed those pounds. Always eager to meet someone new, Lil Girl does well around strangers and wouldn’t pose any hindrance to someone with an active social life. Our volunteers have reported that Lil Girl does very well on a leash once outside the main kennels, though she is reactive on leash when passing other dogs, she should not be hard to redirect with food. She has had some training in her past, knowing sit and lay down already; teaching her anything in the future should be a breeze as she is eager to earn any sort of treat. Lil Girl does not do well around cats, tending to hyper-focus on them and exhibiting a strong prey drive. While we don’t recommend her to go to the dog park, she could have playmates if introduced properly, it should be known that her rough and vocal play style is not for every dog. Call us to schedule an appointment to meet Lil Girl and see if she is the right fit for your home!

Animal Id: 14160

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How To Adopt Lil Girl

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