Ace available for adoption at MCHS

Pit Bull Sharpei


72 lbs

6 years, 1 months and 1 weeks

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Ace found is way to us through a collaborative effort with Napa County Animal Shelter. Born in 2015, Ace has the energy to keep up with an active lifestyle while also knowing how to settle down for a relaxing night in. Our volunteers have observed that Ace does wonderfully on a leash once he gets away from the shelter. Ace has clearly had some prior training as he will eagerly sit or lie down for us as well as offer his paw for a good shake. We have not had an opportunity to introduce Ace to any other dogs out in our play yards though he has tried to invite play through the fence to calmer dogs on the other side. While out in our play yards Ace enjoys playing in the water, whether it be splashing in a tub or biting at the hose. We recommend Ace for a house with older children as his excitable nature could lead to younger ones getting knocked over. Ace is friendly when meeting strangers and would have a great time walking through town or meeting all the guests at your next party. Call us to set up an appointment to meet Ace and see if he is the right fit for your home!

Animal Id: 14164

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