Ace available for adoption at MCHS

Pit Bull Sharpei


56 lbs

5 years, 8 months and 0 weeks

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Ace, Born 2015, Pit Bull, Male

Ace is wise, calm, the kind of friend you’d want in an emergency. Born in 2015, Ace has the makings of a therapy dog. When things look bleak, he’ll gently remind you that the important things like a warm bed, stuffed toy and love of a companion are what really matters.

*Easy to walk on leash.
*Calmly walks by dogs and cats when on a leash.
*House trained and knows Sit, Shake and Lay Down commands.
*Loves water. Take out the garden house and watch Ace bite at the spray and splash around.
*Good with people. Gentle, social and easy to meet.
*Suitable for families with children older than 10 because of his excited play level. He is strong and when excited, can be too rough for small children.
*Is dominant with other dogs when in play yard.

Animal Id: 14164

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