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Bennie available for adoption at MCHS



5.4 lbs

5 months

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Bennie is one of our most rambunctious and active Kitty Cottage residents. He loves playing with his friends and can often be found having a wrestling match or stalking someone’s tail. He’s also a very outgoing, sweet cat who loves laps and forms fast bonds with humans as well as feline friends. Bennie likes cats of all ages and would enjoy a home with at least one feline companion- we have a few recommendations if you want to adopt someone with him!

Animal Id: 4753

Cleared by Vet Clare

All animals receive medical care from our vet, Dr Clare Bartholomew. Animals are spay or neutered as necessary, in order to help reduce pet over population. This a full exam, vaccinations, flea and tick control and a microchip.

The domestic cat (Felis catus) is a small carnivore first domesticated around 7500 BC.
Feline Age
Human Equivalent
0 to 6 months
0 to 10 years
7 months to 2 years
12 to 24 years
3 to 6 years
28 to 40 years
7 to 10 years
44 to 56 years
11 to 14 years
60 to 72 years
15+ years
76 to 100+ years

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Most of the cats receive Diamond Naturals Indoor Cat Food (dry).


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