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Our mission: To contribute to a better life for animals and to inspire public awareness of animals' needs.

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At the Adoption Center, we're always focused on the dogs waiting for their adoptive families to find them ... but for all of us, the best pay-off is when a special animal, like these, gets adopted. Here are a few of our Success Stories.

[ Contributors to this page: SS=Sabine Swallow, CT=Chuck Tourtillott, MP=Michael Potts ]

Bella was brought to us in December, 2015 by a Good Samaritan who found her abandoned on the beach.


As we got to know Bella's happy and energetic personality, we were confident that she would be the perfect match for that special person who we knew was bound to come along.

Since Bella is older dog, she was usually overlooked by potential adopters. so we were delighted when Bella was adopted in March.

In February, Bella took Chuck and Sherry to the After School Enrichment Program at the Community Center in Mendocino. While students were very eager to talk about their pets, learn about the Mendocino Coast Humane Society, and how to be safe and responsible with our animal friends, the highlight for these children was getting to cuddle with sweet Bella.

We were delighted when Bella was adopted in March, 2016.  — CT


Pi was adopted as a small kitten during Kitten Season in 2013. She is a self-willed, dignified, playful, affectionate cat who thrives as an indoor-outdoor cat.

Apple-tree Pi

Pi and mirrorBorn on March 14th – hence her name – Pi fitted into her new cat-friendly home with enthusiasm, busily climbing trees, facing herself down in the mirror, and taking kitten naps.

Pi napping on beretIn four years with her adoptive pride members, she has matured into a graceful, long and slender hunter who's hard on the Caspar vole population.  — MP

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Paisley is a dog with a wonderful personality. She loves people and especially children. On walks, she throws herself on the ground every 10 feet and rolls around with a big smile on her face.


Paisley has lots of energy and gets along with most other dogs. She has a huge smile and can hardly contain herself when it comes time to go for a walk. She wiggles and wiggles until her harness is finally on.

After being featured as the winningest dog in our 2016 Calendar Contest and more than two years at the humane society, Paisley was adopted in December, 2016 by a loving family.  — SS.

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